Lady Fuchsia Groan is the daughter of Lord Sepulchrave Groan and Lady Gertrude Groan, and sister to Titus Groan.

At times impatient, immature, and self-absorbed, she can also be extremely warm and caring. At first, she resents Titus, but soon develops a deep bond with him. Of all Titus's family, she is the one he loves most. Fuchsia also develops a very close, but brief bond with her father, Lord Sepulchrave during his final mental breakdown after the Library Fire. Broken by disappointment and disillusionment, she is killed as she accidentally slips from the windowsill where she is only contemplating suicide - and striking her head on the stonework, drowns unconscious, in the floodwaters surrounding the Castle. She thus tragically never realises her true potential.

In the BBC's four-episode television series, Fuchsia is portrayed by Neve McIntosh.


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