The Hall of Bright Carvings was curated by Rottcodd, who slept in a hammock at the far end of the room[1].

It ran along the top storey of the north wing and had a window at one end and a door at the other, though most of the light came from seven great candelabra at intervals of nine feet. Just outside the door was a small ante-room where a stock of white candles, Rottcodd's overalls, a large visitors' book and a step-ladder was kept[1].

Every day, all day long, Rottcodd dusted the carvings. The dust fell on to the floor, where it was left until the floor was carpeted in white dust[1]


Each year on the evening of the first of June, the three carvings judged by the Earl of Groan would be brought from the ballistrade of his western balcony to the Hall of Bright Carvings[1].


  • Emerald Horse[1]
  • black-and-olive Head[1]
  • Piebald Shark[1]


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