Gormenghast is the collective title given to a series of books by British author Mervyn Peake. It consists of Titus Groan, Gormenghast and a number of other books which were not completed at the time of his death, but have since been edited and released. I intend for this wiki to contain details of characters and places in the books and some background to the creation of them.

List of Gormenghast BooksEdit

Depending on your perspective, there are between two and five works in the Gormenghast 'trilogy'. Of these, Titus Groan, Gormenghast and Titus Alone are usually collected as The Titus Books or more recently The Gormenghast Trilogy.

Titus Groan


Boy in Darkness

Titus Alone

Titus Awakes


Titus Groan book, 1st edition


Gormenghast book cover


Boy in Darkness cover


Titus Alone book cover


Titus Awakes book cover

(semi-official Titus book) (last author's draft written while ill, then edited by publishers) (written by Maeve Gilmore based upon author's notes, published posthumously)


Over the years there have been a number of adaptations based upon one or more of the series of Gormenghast books.  The following lists of adaptations will include the source for each work, who produced the adaptation, when and where it was produced (if applicable).

List of Broadcast AdaptationsEdit

  • BBC Radio adaptation of Titus Groan (and Gormenghast, 1980s?)
  • Gormenghast: BBC Television adaptation (international co-production - Ontario? 2000) of Titus Groan / Gormenghast
  • BBC Television adaptation of The Boy in Darkness (animated, cable only? 5 February 2000, 30 minutes[1])
  • BBC Radio adaptation of Titus Groan / Gormenghast / Titus Alone? (2010s) commissioned for centeniary of Mervyn Peake's birth.

List of Theatrical AdaptationsEdit

  • Theatrical production of Titus Groan and Gormenghast (Battersea Arts Centre, 2007/8?)
  • Theatrical production of Titus Groan and Gormenghast (Covent Garden, 2012)


  • Commissioned opera by Irmin Schmidt, on a libretto by Duncan Fallowell, first performed at Opernhaus Wuppertal on 15 November 1998[2][3].

List of Derived WorksEdit


  • Danielle Grima - Gormenghast (cast recording from the opera?)[4].
  • Elise Kaufman / Sa Schnitzer / Reiner Beinghaus - Gormenghast (cast recording from the opera?)[5][6].


  • The Academy of Ancient Music and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra - Original Television Soundtrack (2000)[7].

List of Art ExhibitionsEdit

  • Mervyn Peake / Gormenghast at the British Library (2012)

To DoEdit

This wiki is very new

  • Thanks to an anonymous contributor, I now have a list of adaptations and derived works based on Peake's work, from which I can put together a list of adaptations and derived works.
I went to see both of the above-mentioned productions, both of which were in London - there have been more nationally or internationally.[8]
See Part E of Peake in Print:
  • I'll probably put further to do lists in talk pages (and once it starts to take shape there won't be any on the main page).
  • Split the adaptations into their own page(s)


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