The Bright Carvers lived outside the walls of Gormenghast. They lived in clay dwellings, some of which were built on sloping ground against the Outer Walls of the castle[1].

The hovels were built half on top of each other, up to the castle wall[1].

The craftsmen amongst the Bright Carvers would spend the year producing a wooden sculpture each to be judged. The sculpture would usually be of animals or figures and would be painted in strange colours[1].

Traditions and RitualsEdit

Ancient law guaranteed the right to be built right up to the wall. The leading carvers lived in these huts[1].

Each year on the first morning of June all of the Bright Carvers would be allowed to enter the grounds of the castle for their works to be judged. The three carvings which were chosen would be displayed on the ballistrade of Lord Groan's western balcony and those whose works were chosen would have thrown down to them vellum scrolls permitting them to walk the battlements on the first full moon of each alternate month. The carvings would be taken to the Hall of Bright Carvings. The other carvings would be burnt[1].


The people who lived in the hovels around the Outer Wall were not given a collective name. They are here called the Bright Carvers for their most noted practice.


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